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Welcome to Follow That Bird Website.

Our team provides comfortable, high quality birdwatching tours with professional well planned Itineraries, Leaders and Ornithologists.

The result - education in beautiful natural settings with lots of good fun and camaraderie.

We also cater for Private Tours for a day or a month on your journey through Sydney or elsewhere in Australia, Asia or the Pacific; we can organise all.

Note: It's absolutely true, 1st April 2019 Follow That Bird closes the tour bus doors.

Between now and then it is business as usual and if you are interested in leading my privileged lifestyle, that is buying the business, send me an email.

It has been an honour and so much fun to travel and bird with all of you over the past 16 years. I shall miss you but retirement beckons... Lots of kind regards, Janene.


November 2018
  Mt Banks Wilson and Tomah November 17
  Cape York - Iron Range November 28 to December 3
December 2018
  Holiday Hot Spot December 15
January 2019
  King & Flinders Islands January 22 to 27
March 2019
  Norfolk Island March 11 to 15
September 2019
  The Forests of Chiltern September 6 to 10
December 2019
  New Caledonia December 3 to 8
April 2020
  Denmark (Europe) April 13 to 27
May 2020
  Taiwan May 25 to 31
June 2020
  Carnavon Gorge June 19 to 24

FTB reserves the right to alter and /or cancel any or all parts of the tour due to road and/or weather conditions or take an alternative route. We reserve the right to substitute ornithologists if need be. The guide may make alterations to the tour itinerary as needed to ensure the smooth running of the trip.

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Photos of Splendid Fairy-wren and Diamond Firetail by Nevil Lazarus. Header design by Participant Daphne Gonzalvez.